это сайт для того, чтобы вы не искали отдельные запросы обо мне в Google. Тут есть вся информация о моих бизнесах, проектах, картинах, мечтах и секретиках.

Добро пожаловать в мою жизнь! Лика Спиваковская.


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ART:EGO Studio and Culture center


My business

  • ART:EGO culture center In 2013 I started painting. I was a business-owner, not an artist, so I had no workshop. It’s not a secret that all successful people have their own hobbies and to my surprise, painting was one of the most popular ones.
    I heard lots of queries from businessmen and businessladies like me, who also had no place for solitude and private creative work. So, I opened it!
    Nowadays in our culture center ART:EGO Studio we make daily classes in painting and other creative directions for kids and adults.
    Our students alrready organize their personal exhibitions!
    That’s why if you like creative leasure in the company of successful, wonderful and creative people – visit our site and choose what you like! And if you are shy, afraid to paint and are new in this field – watch the video for the most popular Ukrainian TV-channel.
    Visit site Follow ART:EGO Studio on Facebook read more

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