это сайт для того, чтобы вы не искали отдельные запросы обо мне в Google. Тут есть вся информация о моих бизнесах, проектах, картинах, мечтах и секретиках.

Добро пожаловать в мою жизнь! Лика Спиваковская.


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Business-contest “The Brand of the Year”


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  • Business-contest “The Brand of the Year” My first business-experience was when I was 15.
    Even so young, I felt that I could do more, I wanted to earn money.
    “The Brand of the Year” contest was founded by my father Vladimir Spivakovsky in 1999. That was the time, when I, being a teenager, dreamed to be an advertising specialist – due to the influence of Amanda Woodward - the heroine of the “Melrose Place” serial.
    Who is this Amanda Lead by the dream, I appealed to my father to take me as an apprentice for my summer holidays. He forwarded me to the contest department. These were incredible holidays!
    The university and my own business have splitted the me from the contest for almost 10 years. And now I came back in it as a CEO, since 2011, with a huge experience in marketing, advertising and business.
    Currently I’m also the head of the organizational committee of the Contest. I take part in the acceptance and approval of the nominees’ applications, researches, and evaluations as well as the organization of the Annual Awarding Ceremony.

    So, if I can help you – just read more about the contest and apply for it!

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