это сайт для того, чтобы вы не искали отдельные запросы обо мне в Google. Тут есть вся информация о моих бизнесах, проектах, картинах, мечтах и секретиках.

Добро пожаловать в мою жизнь! Лика Спиваковская.


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  • Public activity To be sincere, until 2013, the biggest part of charity activities which we suggested our clients in the advertising business were the part of PR. Many of our clients wanted to make them without clear understanding whom they are helping. The most important thing was the list of media that published the news.
    Such a consuming attitude to the charity also had a great impact on me. Although in 2013, artist Olga Koval applied to me with an idea for charity project “Beauty against Cancer”. She suggested making a number of art classes for Ukrainian celebrities in order to sell their paintings at the auction afterwards and give all the money to children with cancer. I found this project interesting and we started it. I was so surprised when I realized that only one post on the Facebook with a call for help to buy the paint for the master-classes brought us UAH 10.000 from almost unknown people! This totally changed my attitude to the charity. I believed that kind and really altruistic people do exist! Nowadays almost all my projects are dealing with charity someway. I never refuse funds and provide my gallery for the events where they bring the children from the orphanages, ill children and even needy adults. Though I try to strictly check the organizations that I help.

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