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  • ART:EGO Studio Franchising Our students like our studio so much that more and more they come to me and ask for advice how to launch their own studio. So, I decided to offer a franchise.
    Here’s some data:
    - One filiation of ART:EGO STUDIO brings from UAH 15.000 to UAH 50.000 of net income monthly.
    - The return of investments in one filiation of ART:EGO STUDIO is from 6 to 12 months - which is less that in the other branches.

    Who can be interested in it:
    - People who want to become entrepreneurs quickly and successfully;
    - Artists who want to develop themselves and get a permanent monthly income but who don't know how to develop business.
    - Investors who are looking for real sources of monthly passive incomes.
    I developed this FRANCHISE specially for these purposes. You can buy it, become our partner and get your own business with a great state of mood in addition to it!

    If you are interested, please connect me directly via e-mail [email protected] read more

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