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Lika Spivakovska




Lika Spivakovska

  • Business&Career In 2006, founded the "Event Design" event agency, specialized in organizing high-class events.
    Two years later, took the agency to the TOP-3 agencies in Ukraine.
    "Event Design" has won the Ukrainian event awards several times and has been featured in many media publications.
    In 2009, became the CEO of the Organizing Committee of the "BRAND OF THE YEAR" business award, which I still hold to this day.
    In 2010, opened the "Win Win" advertising agency, specialized in exclusive marketing.
    In 2013, I was named one of the TOP-3 business women in the advertising industry in Ukraine by "Marketing Media Review" magazine.
    Also in 2013, brought the "Dinner in the Sky" international restaurant, to Ukraine.
    In 2014, left the agency and changed professional focus to art. That year, established the "Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery" and cultural center, venturing into the gallery business.
    In 2015, founded the "Theater without Actors," the first conceptual celebrity theater in Ukraine.
    In 2016, launched the online publication "ARTNEWS.ONE".
    In 2020, I was invited to become the CEO of "MANDARIN MAISON art gallery".
    In 2022, launched the "Support Ukraine" NFT gallery, which supports Ukrainian artists and humanitarian needs related to the war.
    In 2023 established Artego.app, the special application for artist documents and portfolios.

    Currently, I manage projects and companies in both the advertising and art spheres.
    Opinion leader and public speaker with around 30,000 Facebook followers and 20,000 on Instagram.

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