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Lika Spivakovska




My professional hobby

  • Painting&Art Painting has become more than just a hobby for me; it's now my passion. In fact, I was so passionate about it that I even changed my marketing career path to pursue it further. And my dedication has paid off—I've had the honor of showcasing my paintings at prestigious events like the Venice Biennale. Despite painting professionally, it still serves as a much-needed break from the everyday routine. I pour my heart and soul into each piece, primarily for my own enjoyment. However, I'm thrilled to see that my paintings are also in high demand. My artwork has been featured in various international exhibitions across cities like Milan, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Palermo, Prague, Riga, solidifying its recognition on a global scale. Notably, my participation in the 58th Venice Biennale was a significant milestone in my artistic journey. Utilizing a unique technique involving liquid glass on canvas combined with acrylic and oil paint, I strive to create captivating pieces that resonate with viewers. The relevance of my work has been consistently acknowledged through its inclusion in esteemed international catalogs such as Woman's Essence and We Contemporary by MUSA International ArtSpace.

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