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Social Project “No to War!”


Public activity

  • Social Project “No to War!” The scenario for the video “No to War” came to me spontaneously. Early in the morning I called my friend, photographer and producer Maxim Pilipenko and shared my idea with him. Maxim liked it, so we decided to make the video immediately. The same day I prepared all the necessary stuff, gathered children – and in two days the video had already been in the internet.
    Only one night was enough for it to be seen all over the world and the next morning we were receiving it from the Netherlands, Germany and the USA translated into other languages!
    Soon, two Ukrainian channels were showing this video in the evening News and one of the channels contacted me in order to buy the rights to show the video as a social advertising in all the commercial blocks.
    The money that we received from the selling of rights, we gave to refugee children, whose challenges we actually revealed in our video.
    We had no intention to make money on the movie, this was just our soles’ cry. I think it’s right thing to give the money to those who really needs them.
    This video has also won the prize at the Mariupol Film Festival.
    We are going to continue our help through our projects and the video “In the name of Future” has become the starting point of such our activity. read more

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