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Spivakovska ART:PROMO Producing Center


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  • Spivakovska ART:PROMO Producing Center 10 years of my experience in advertising and public relations is huge and I’m ready to share it with all young, developing and even experienced artists who have no time for promotion because they are CREATING all the time!

    Here is my recent lection that can be useful for the artists. These are 40 minutes of statistics, figures and graphs about the trends of the world art-market. There’s also information about which way the Ukrainian artists should move, how to set the prices for the works in a right way, how to be competitive at the world art market and many-many other things which can be useful for you. 40 minutes is too long and I also don’t like such long videos! That’s why if you want to know the key points about the services which provides ART:EGO producing center – click this link

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