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"Mystery #3. Lost souls".

The play was written on September 16, 2011 by Gennady Minka. "Mystery #3" is a cycle of stories continuation that deal with the subtle matters of the human soul, its transformation over time. About the path that a person overcomes in search of harmony with peace, love and happiness.

"Mystery #3. Lost Souls" is the author's second play, which is staged.

An interesting way of life and knowledge of the world, help the author to see things in a differently, thereby extraordinarily transferring and intertwining the plot lines of the plays.

Directing Team.

The production of the play is being worked on by the talented Ukrainian director Oleksandr Zhuravel, whose work has led to the realization of many interesting projects and theatrical productions that have been highly praised by Ukrainian and foreign audiences. Alexander's works were many times awarded.

Non-standard ideas, an innovative approach to the rehearsal process, mixing classical and modern styles during the preparation of the performance, make the play "Mystery #3" extraordinary, deep, exciting, precisely the one that will leave a mark in the heart and memory of every spectator present at the performance.

A professional team will help transform our actors beyond recognition, who will shine in a new image for themselves and the audience.

The cast

In our play, all actors have main roles. Secondaries simply do not exist. Each actor is responsible for a very important idea and its interpretation during the play and work on the performance. Actors are well-known Ukrainian personalities - Aleksey Gladushevsky, Hryhory Reshetnyk, Yulia Kavtaradze, Lyka Spivakovskaya

Who is Mystery? What does his soul hide...? Alexey Gladushevsky, the performer of the role of Mystery, will tell us about a secret that only He knows!!!

Why is Grigory Reshetnyk crying!? Rather, tell us what is happening...

Can you manage and control a person with one wave of the hand? No...? But the actors of Mystery #3 do it flawlessly!!! We are confident that many viewers have no idea what Grigory Reshetnyk and Alexander Prokhorenko are capable of!

"Mystery #3" reincarnates the actors! Yulia Kavtaradze!

Gennady Minka. The author of Mysteries #3

Sergey Human about "Mystery #3"

Sergey Velichansky talks about his role

On April 16, the premiere of the "Mystery #3" will take place in the "Ukraine" theater.

"Morning Fresh" with the participation of the TV presenter and actor of the play Hryhoriy Reshetnyk.

"Social Country", where the guest of the studio - the executive producer and actress of the play Lika Spivakovska will talk about the upcoming premiere "Mystery #3. Lost Souls"

Our day today began with the broadcast on the Espresso.TV channel, where the director-producer Alexander Zhuravel together with the TV presenter, actor of the play Sergey Velichanskiy told what the premiere of the play "Mystery No. 3. Lost Souls" will surprise the audience tomorrow.

The show "Early in the morning" on the Central Channel, the director-producer of the performance "Mystery #3. Lost souls" Alexander Zhuravel, as well as the actress of the performance and the author of the project "Theatre without actors" Lika Spivakovska will share their impressions of the premiere and talk about plans for the future

Today, the GolosUA news agency will host an online conference with the actors of the play "Mystery #3. Lost Souls"! Singer Julia Kavtaradze, TV producer and musician Aleksey Gladushevsky, as well as the author of the project "Theatre without Actors" Lika Spivakovska will talk about their first experience on the theater stage.

Video clip from the Kyiv premiere of the play "Mystery #3. Lost Souls". Thanks to the PravdaTut team for a great story!

Viva about Mystery #3

Our friendly team, a team that worked for and for the benefit of children! Dear friends, thank you for your support, courage, and efforts! We thank everyone who attended and watched our premiere - "Mystery #3. Lost souls"!

Dear viewer, you gave children and doctors the opportunity to work and live! Thank you!

"Eternal Music"

New project! You may think that you saw EVERYTHING! But, we know how to surprise and excite!...

Video teaser of the "Eternal Music" play. Starring Alexey Gladushevsky and Lera Bardo!

The premiere of the Theater without Actors play "Eternal Music".

How Lesha and Lera felt before the premiere and what emotions they had after the performance - see in the Maxxi.tv report.

"To Love or to kill? or a bit of porn..."

Not much time has passed since the last performance of "Theatre without Actors" "Eternal Music" with Lera Bardo and Alexei Gladushevsky, which was staged at the D*LUX entertainment complex in July under the direction of Anastasia Averina and Lika Spivakovska.

So, again, we are ready to embrace and enjoy an amazing play called "Love or kill?" or a bit of porn..." author - Gennady Minka.

The play itself is about denying the truth about ourselves... about love that does not fit into the framework. About the fact that through the Others (guides) we are given a lot of hints that we do not notice, "buying" once again for a bright wrapper of lies. We constantly blame ourselves and others, justifying our own and other people's uselessness in this world with pity and cowardice. At the same time, porn or sex is the smallest sin that is given to us for temporary use to prolong life. And is it a sin? Pornography of souls is much scarier. Everyone wants love, I don't know what it really is. True love cannot arise for "something", otherwise it is a bazaar, trade, deception...

The following will play for you: TV presenter, producer - Daria Tregubova, singer, model - Yulia Kavtraradze, singer and showman - Artur Bosso, producer of Red Glass production, DJ, model - Yana Altukhova, showman - Aleksey Semenov, showman, producer - Igor Posypayko ... And also... another famous person about whom you will learn a little later... a few days before the premiere!

The premiere of the play "Theatre without Actors" - "Love or kill? Or a little porn" took place on September 24 at the D*Lux Entertainment Complex.

The play, based on the play of the same name by Gennady Minka, directed by Alexander Rudenko, caused a great stir even at the start of the PR campaign.

All this thanks to the incredible cast, which this time included: singer Yulia Kavtaradze, ex-VIA GRA Santa Dymopoulos, TV presenter Dasha Tregubova, DJ and model Yana Altukhova, singer Artur Bosso, TV presenter Igor Posypayko and showman Alex Semenov. Also, Zhenya Halych unexpectedly joined the Theater without Actors one day before the premiere.

Alexey Gladushevsky, Aleksandr Prokhorenko and Sergey Velichansky, who have already tried themselves for the first time on the theater stage in April, in the sensational play "Mystery #3" - in the first production of "Theatre without Actors" - will congratulate the "newly-baked" actors with the premiere.

"Even we didn't expect such a stir," admitted the organizer of the performance Anastasia Averina. "All seats were booked 4 days before the premiere."

"I was struck by the fact that there was a line of people behind the scenes. I thought they came to get the autographs of the stars, but it turned out that they were looking for me to get to the casting in our theater! - said the author of the project "Theatre without Actors" Lyka Spivakovskaya.

Indeed, the third performance of "Theatre without Actors" was quite revealing and dramatic, and the D'Lux entertainment complex was transformed into an incredible two-level theater scene.

"We really like that thanks to the performances from "Theatre without Actors" we can give our guests a completely new and unique kind of intellectual and entertaining leisure, which is not offered by any other premium club. - Says Olga Ryzhik, director of D'Lux. - We plan and continues to hold such events and has already approved the next performance. It will be "With Light Steam" and the premiere will take place on New Year's Eve.

Our wonderful actors, Igor Posypayko, Alex Semenov and Yana Altukhova, are on Golos.ua!

Report from MaxxiTV. Yana Altukhova Olga Ryzhik Anastasia Averina Igor Posypayko Alex Alex Artur Bosso Gennady Minka Santa Dimopoulos Dasha Tregubova Julia Kavtaradze

THEATER WITHOUT ACTORS: actors about a new experience on stage - in Cosmolady magazine.

"Old New History"

A New Year's gift from THEATER WITHOUT ACTORS is the play "Old New Story". An incredible cast: Tatyana Ramus, Eva Bazhen, Alexander Prokhorenko, Alexander Prykhodko!

On January 14, 2016, on the old new year, the premiere of the play by THEATER WITHOUT ACTORS "Old New Story" took place on the D'Lux theater stage.

According to tradition, all the roles in the play were performed not by professional actors, but by well-known Ukrainians. TV presenter, journalist and artist Tatiana Ramus performed an interesting role of a socialite; restaurateur Alexander Prokhorenko - her unsuccessful fiancé; TV presenter Eva Bazhen appeared before the audience in a completely new image for herself, and Alexander Prykhodko, a well-known trendsetter, played the role of a modest but self-confident character.

Other actors of the THEATER WITHOUT ACTORS were also present among the guests of the performance: Hryhoriy Reshetnyk and Sergey Velychansky, who played in the sensational production "Mystery No. 3", Alexey Gladushevsky and Lera Bardo - stars of the performance "Eternal Music", Igor Posypayko, who performed the role of an artist in the performance. Love or kill."

"O echoing rod and tails..."

What is this? A stream of thoughts, or perhaps the free flight of the director's imagination? This is a play completely devoid of any clichés or any clichés... Moreover, it is difficult to distinguish the genre of this production at all... There is also a certain psychedelicism here, there is drama, there is comedy, and all this takes place in a family that at first glance seems very unusual Getting to know the characters more closely, it turns out that almost everyone has their own secrets, which they carefully keep from each other, and it becomes very interesting what can happen if everything comes out...

An unusual family lives in a quiet, peaceful house... - a VAZ car... The head of the family, Papa (Boris Abramov), a young man, is always in an upbeat, playful mood, but in fact he just wants to be always interesting and very important to others, and this is not his only secret, not counting the tail... Of course, next to such a Papa, you will see a "slightly amazing" Mom (Svetlana Leonteva), who always takes pills, thereby trying to get away from problems and forget everything. The feeling of guilt does not give them peace, but the Younger generation (Roman Samoilov), throwing a fishing rod over his shoulder, also has "something to tell the world"... About the fact that "not burning lanterns at night is very serious", thinks the Drunkard-Philosopher (Pavel Kostytsyn), he also tries to "open the door to the head" not only to the actors, but also to yours... But Shpala (Sergei Abramov) is as if the only one who sees the truth as it is and prefers not slim models, but cute ones good girls, for example, the fig seller Sonechka (Lavika (Lyubov Yunak))...

"O Luna, Rod and Tails.." is a small universe of heroes, it is very easy to get confused here... You will never guess what will happen next, because this world is different and to guess what awaits at the end... it is simply impossible. At the same time, it is very good that the director did not complicate everything, but showed the world as it is... the only question is that every specific viewer will see it all...

On June 9 at 7:00 p.m. in the D*Lux entertainment complex, the premiere of the play by "Theatre without Actors" - "O Lune, Rod and Tails..." (the author of the play is Evgeny Sychev)

"Theatre without actors" in Odessa! The play "Eternal Music" took place in Underpub! Thank you to everyone who came to the production and, of course, special thanks to the actors Alexey, Aleksey Gladushevsky and Lera Bardo!

August 26. 21:00. Odessa. UNDERPUB.