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WOWKIDS forum: 850 teenage children from orphanages from all over Ukraine.
Imagine: I'm 18, and I have no one. Even a second cousin's aunt. Even in the village. And so, the last school bell rings, and adulthood opens the door to me.
Opens the door to nowhere.

At the age of 18, graduates of orphanages no longer have a roof over their heads, benefits, food and a future. All they have is a suitcase-station-Poland and vocational schools in a dying specialty (they have hostels). I don’t want to voice the third option about drugs, prostitution and robbery, although I already did it. The truth hurts the eyes.

Charitable Foundation "Blagomay" has been holding a WOWKIDS forum for 6 times, where it brings about 1000 teenagers from orphanages. They invite speakers who will give the right guidance, inspire and show this world from the other side, shine a ray of hope and, perhaps, change more than one child's life.

Yesterday I told them about creativity and how it is useful in any aspect of adulthood. They applauded. They asked questions. Draw with me. Laughing, joking, being creative.
I went down from the stage - they ran to take a picture, hugged and did not let go for a long, long time. And I really wanted to cry. Because hugging 850 children at the same time is impossible.